F&F Productions chooses EVS’ VIA live production technology

EVS has just announced that the provider of mobile facilities throughout North America F&F Production is equipping three of its GTX series mobile units with the EVS XT-VIA and XS-VIA production servers and the XNet-VIA Ethernet-based live media sharing network. EVS VIA systems allow units to switch to IP in the future, as they already have live IP support of standards like ST2110 or NMOS.

The company has also announced that F&F Productions will upgrade its EVS live production servers to the latest Multicam 16.00 operating systems. According to the company, these solutions will offer the provider “more capacity and greater flexibility” to produce content in multiple formats, including Full HD 1080p, UHD-4K and HDR, “as well as enabling the upscaling of 1080p content to UHD-4K for playout”.

The XT-VIA servers will be used to replay, edit and produce all content going into the mobile units, while the XS-VIA servers record multiple audio and video feeds, and providing control and multiple channels of playback operations. They are all connected to XNet-VIA, which gives the LSM operators in the three EVS VIA-powered GTX mobile units three times the bandwidth of EVS’ legacy SDTI-based network.

Marc Orgera, Vice President & General Manager of F&F Productions, talks about the deal: ““As demand for UHD-4K HDR content grows, it’s important that we are able to provide proven, flexible solutions that can produce multiple formats to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. By expanding and upgrading our extensive EVS fleet, we now have greater capacity and speed, meaning we can deliver more. The new VIA-platform based products that we’re investing in also give us the option to transition the units to IP when we decide that the time is right.”

“We’re seeing real momentum building for delivering productions in higher resolutions and our customers are recognizing the potential of our VIA suite of products as the best way to address the new demands that they face when dealing with UHD-4K, 1080p and HDR, as well as IP-based workflows. Having a facilities provider like F&F Productions commit to our latest technology shows we are central to the growth of this movement” adds Quentin Grutman, SVP of The Americas at EVS.