Fletcher Sports adds Grass Valley equipment to boost rental fleet

Fletcher Sports has just added LDX C86 cameras and K2 Dyno Replay Systems from Grass Valley

Fletcher Sports in Chicago provides rental equipment for coverage of professional and college sports, entertainment and events. To up its game, Fletcher just added a large number of new LDX C86 Cameras and K2 Dyno Replay Systems from Grass Valley.


Fletcher Sports’ customers include networks or teams such as the NHL Network, the YES Network, MSG Network, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Comcast Sports Bay Area Network and many others.


“It doesn’t make sense for our customers to invest in these kinds of solutions because they are very specific to the super slo-mo applications, so they rely on us to have the latest technology and to know how to get the most out of it,” explains Dan Grainge, president of Fletcher Sports. “We’ve used Grass Valley cameras from the very earliest models and when the time came to upgrade, we were confident that there was no other manufacturer providing the same level of performance and value.”


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K2 Dyno Replay Systems


Fletcher uses its LDX C86 cameras to provide specialty angles such as in-net cameras for hockey, slam cams for basketball, under scoreboard cameras and other applications where super slo-mo is required. To increase functionality, LDX C86 cameras also offer live 1X standard-speed output in addition to the high-speed output.


The K2 Dyno Replay System makes it easy for operators to create engaging replays and highlight packages, according to Grass Valley. AnySpeed technology provides playback at any speed from zero to 200 percent, while the DynoZoom tool allows for pan/zoom functions to be applied to high frame-rate camera systems including 3X 1080p, 6X and 4K UHD.


NHL All-Star game

Fletcher provided some of that new equipment for coverage of the recent NHL All-Star game, marking the first time that all robotic cameras captured 6X hi-speed action with super slo-mo capability. Five cameras were deployed right at ice level during the game.


“Sports fans have grown accustomed to being part of the action today. They expect to see every detail in slow-motion replays and want to experience it from multiple angles. With the LDX C86 family of cameras and K2 Dyno Replay Systems, Fletcher Sports gives customers what they need to deliver a world-class experience for their viewers,” notes Kyle Luther, vice president of sales for North America, Grass Valley.

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