FrameTrunk chooses AJA Corvid 88 for its first UltraHD production

AJA's hardwared was used in the first UHD production of FrameTrunk

The high-density AJA Corvid 88 video and audio I/O cards, which can manage multiple high resolution streams, have been an essential part of the first UltraHD production of FrameTrunk.

These cards, which supports UltraHD 50p and different transport standards and frame rates for 4K, UltraHD, 2K and HD delivery, were implemented in the FrameTrunk’s live ingest system that was used a few months ago at the LiveNation’s Download music festival.

This transmission, intended for Sky Arts, covered more than 11 hours of footage per day from two stages through eight channels of 3840×2160 50p delivery. AJA Corvid 88 cards were used to ingest quad-link 3G-SDI ISO and TX event feeds. In order to manage the huge volume of data, each channel counted had a record node with 26 TB of storage.

According to Joel Gilbert, CIO of FrameTrunk, “AJA hardware is extremely powerful and easy to pair with live streaming software, so that we can easily send live client feeds to Facebook and Youtube”. FrameTrunk also used AJA Mini-Coverters, including Region of Interest (ROI) converters and Ki Pros.

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