GatesAir delivers its 300th repack transmitter

We are attending a milestone in the history of GatesAir. The company has just delivered its 300th repack transmitter, a Maxiva ULXTE-50, to the Pittsburgh’s WPCM-TV, a Cornerstone Television station. The American TV station has been repacked from Channel 50 to Channel 28 and will transmit at 31.7 kW from its new frequency beginning August 2.

So far, Gates Air has shipped 11,273 power amplifiers. In addition, GatesAir has logged nearly 38 million amplifier in-service hours of repack projects. Bruce D. Swail, GatesAir CEO, talks about the position of his company in the market: “With the most cutting-edge power amplification tech in the market, our Maxiva transmitters have accumulated an impressive number of in-service pallet hours that continues to climb, solidifying our reputation for high performance and unmatched reliability. Combined with on-time deliveries, transmitter site consultations and unparalleled customer service, GatesAir continues as the leading and most trusted supplier of repack transmitters and services.”

Steve Johnson, VP Operations for Cornerstone Television, has also trusted in GatesAir technology for WKBS-TV. Specifically, Johnson has purchased a Maxica VAXTE-6L air-cooled transmitter for the TV station.