GatesAir HD Radio™ Upgrade Plan Transitions Previous-Generation Transmitter Owners to Flexiva™ Exciter




GatesAir is offering a cost-efficient exciter upgrade to its large base of Platinum Z™ and ZX™ transmitter customers. The Flexiva™ Power-Up Program targets worldwide FM broadcasters seeking a low-cost path to the increased power levels of elevated HD Radio sidebands, and provides competitive analog audio improvements without requiring investment in a new transmitter.


“GatesAir transmitters have always been manufactured for high performance over long lifecycles to ensure long-term low total cost of ownership,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “Many of the Platinum Z and ZX transmitters in the field are not even halfway through their operational lives. The Flexiva Power-Up Program gives these customers a low-cost way to leverage the benefits of Gen4 Exgine technology for HD Radio broadcasting, and get the most competitive sound on analog without forklifting their entire systems.”


In the United States, the FCC-approved HD Radio sideband increase up to -10dB from -20dB allows stations to significantly improve their HD Radio coverage. The Flexiva Power Up Program allows Platinum Z and ZX customers to raise HD Radio power by up to 237 percent upon integrating the Flexiva FAX-50 FM exciter. This, along with GatesAir’s innovations in hybrid crest factor reduction to increase output power, ensures that HD Radio broadcasters can broaden their market penetration. Furthermore, the Flexiva FAX exciter enables hybrid FM/HD broadcasters to increase transmitter analog power by up to 33 percent, also enhancing overall system flexibility.


An extension of the program allows customers to additionally upgrade to current-generation GatesAir Flexiva Importer and Exporter units, ensuring the full multichannel and audio quality benefits of a complete Gen4 Exgine architecture. The current-generation Importer, Exporter and exciter units also eliminate spinning disks in favor of 100 percent solid-state operation, increasing reliability, simplifying maintenance and boosting efficiency for lower operating costs.


At nearly $6000 below its usual cost, the base Flexiva Power-Up package includes the FAX-50 FM/HD Radio exciter, an installation kit with cables and mounting hardware, and a video installation guide. Interested parties can contact their regional sales rep or e-mail for more information.