GatesAir wins in Thailand

Thai Government will take delivery of six Flexiva™ FAX air-cooled transmitters

GatesAir announces a substantial FM Radio win in Thailand. Public Relation Department (PRD), a division of the Thai Government, will take delivery of six Flexiva™ FAX air-cooled transmitters for its Radio Thailand expansion project. Commencing immediately, the project comprises six new 2kW, low-power FM radio sites in several cities and regions.


GatesAir, Thailand
GatesAir CEO Bruce Swail with Mr. Suthon Rakpathed, Vice President of Loxley Broadcast division, GatesAir’s partner in Thailand.


GatesAir won the contract due to the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio for transmitters, as well its long-term relationship with PRD for Radio Thailand and national TV station NBT. GatesAir’s ability to continuously meet exact technical specifications for this customer regarding transmitter design and coverage requirements were also significant deciding factors.


GatesAir partner Loxley will assist the regional GatesAir team with all support-related initiatives, including turnkey installation and commissioning services.

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