GeoBroadcast receives patent for coverage-enhancing MaxxCasting radio innovations

GeoBroadcast has been granted a patent in its MaxxCasting radio coverage optimization system


GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) has been granted a patent for key innovations in its MaxxCasting radio coverage optimization system. The new United States patent, number 9232481, protects GBS’ unique technology and methods that help radio broadcasters maximize their signal quality and coverage with their protected contours to increase advertising revenues and listener retention.


GeoBroadcast Solutions has patented a technology that will revolutionize the FM radio business, has said John Bridge, owner of Chicago-based Windy City Broadcasting. “As a key investor and a strong believer in this important and timely technology, MaxxCasting will help station owners improve their signal coverage and quality, enhancing their bottom lines while returning ad revenues to the industry at large”.


While radio stations are permitted to broadcast signals throughout their legally-associated metropolitan or geographic area, impediments including natural terrain and man-made obstacles often create gaps in coverage where transmissions from the main antenna cannot be effectively received. In other cases, the sheer expansiveness of a station’s designated broadcast region, defined as a service contour, may prevent signals from the main transmitter from reaching potential listeners on the edges of the permitted area.


Additionally, the station’s transmitter may reside considerably outside the desired principal city, adversely affecting listenability and failing to decode on Nielsen Portable People Meter (PPM) units that measure potential audience exposure.


GeoBroadcast’s MaxxCasting system enhances coverage

Combining highly-accurate, predictive modeling with advanced radio and cellular technologies across multiple synchronized transmitter nodes, the MaxxCasting system improves broadcasters’ coverage-to-contour ratio and maximizes signal penetration within their markets.


Unlike conventional booster approaches, which can exacerbate coverage and quality problems by creating interference with the main transmitter signal, MaxxCasting’s proprietary methods minimize or eliminate such interference. The enhanced coverage allows broadcasters to reach more PPM ratings measurement locations, increasing ad revenue potential while also attracting new advertisers in previously under-served areas.


“Our research has shown that across the United States as a whole, close to 20% of the population in the top 30 markets that FM broadcasters could legally reach are not actually receiving such signals”, said Bill Hieatt, Chief Technology Officer, GeoBroadcast Solutions.


“That’s a huge, untapped audience for advertising that could contribute right to broadcasters’ bottom line, but previous approaches have generally had limited success in solving the problems. The grant of this patent demonstrates and further validates the unique and innovative nature of our MaxxCasting solution, while our successful commercial deployments prove that it delivers on its promises. The patent also helps protect our customers’ investments in MaxxCasting, ensuring that the innovations and advantages we bring them can’t simply be copied by either their competitors or ours”.


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"Across the United States as a whole, close to 20% of the population in the top 30 markets that FM broadcasters could legally reach are not actually receiving such signals", Bill Hieatt, GeoBroadcast Solutions.
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