We try GV Korona K-Frame V-series

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We all know Grass Valley and its product range. With its long history in the broadcast sector, we can define it as a “winner” as far as its equipment and performance go, not to mention its long-standing commitment with the latest technology and subsequent application to its product range. I have been working with Grass Valley’s equipment for years, and it has never let me down. I’ve experienced the typical temperature problems in their first cameras and the learning curve in their switchers, but aside from negligible details, I’ve never had to stop an event because of a critical failure of their equipment. This means I can work with their equipment with utmost confidence. Needless to say, I am currently a consumer of Grass Valley’s video switchers. The ones we have are now discontinued, but they are still very much operational 24/7/365, and with no failures in more than ten years of non-stop operation. So, you will understand that I can only praise their reliability.


Lab testing performed by Pablo Martínez

As time goes by, we have increasingly complex switchers with so much more potential. Nowadays, with the technological advances and the definition of new production standards, we must be ready to rely on equipment that allows us to face these challenges, scalable and reliable, until the market and broadcasters mark the way forward within the current transmission limitations of the different production formats. It becomes necessary to seek equipment that provides us with a certain degree of technological solvency and scalability to face this reality.




There are countless video switchers on the market right now. However, when assessing among what is available, we need to be aware that behind them there are people that have invested a lot of time on the switcher in question, people who are under a lot of pressure by the programme/event to be carried out and by the infinite possibilities offered by the current switchers. The key to this modernisation process, so that it can be tackled in the least traumatic way, is for operators to have technically “powerful” yet intuitive switchers readily available to them with learning curves as flat as possible. Grass Valley reinvents itself consistently, improving and facilitating work processes, thanks to its policy of consulting those who are involved in the operation of its equipment.


Grass Valley has taken a giant step forward with the introduction of the Korona panel and its ability to work with any K-Frame series processing engines, by enabling the functional and scalable mobility of associated systems. It is an award-winning combination, which the broadcasters have fully embraced by implementing it in their systems. Grass Valley represents a trustworthy partner in all our work environments, in terms of modularity, as per the catalogue, and scalability, considering its commitment to support native interconnectivity with its’ different technical product offerings.



Grass Valley is committed to reducing volume and size with this new addition to the K-Frame family of production switchers, the The V-series was designed to take the enterprise class features of the larger production switchers and, without compromise, put them into a smaller, lower cost package for the mid-range market. To address this lab, Grass Valley provided us with a K-Frame V-series electronics with two expansion modules that provide us with 16 inputs and 8 outputs controlled by a 2M/E GV Korona panel with an integrated touchscreen menuing system and touchscreens in the transition areas.


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