GreenMachine® Callisto, LYNX Technik AG. “ALL-IN-ONE”

Lab testing performed by Pablo Martínez

I have been using equipment made by LYNX Technik AG and other manufacturers to perform the typical video and audio processing tasks, which is something we do a lot in our sector when you are preparing outdoor events. Above all, the truth is that you end up with loads of equipment in your bags just in case. With this equipment that we analysed, we have a fantastic solution without all the hassle of having to take all the equipment, as well as being prepared for virtually any signal processing situation. We have to have an open mind. Initially, we find ourselves faced with a working format never before seen until now in the broadcast market, but that we use daily in many of our personal devices.


Its creation is endorsed by the “Best of Show” award at IBC2016, an innovation award given to a company known for its reliability, “LYNX Technik AG”. I am sure it will surprise you as it did me: it is so easy to use and it has virtually unlimited applications.

GreenMachine, broadcast



We have a robust piece of equipment, measuring 1RU in height and half a unit wide and as the name itself indicates, “greenMachine”. The first thing we see is its green colour and high-quality construction. That said, what is most important about the “greenMachine” is inside. The powerful hardware composed of double ARM processor and the high-speed programming technology by Xilinx combined with the control software developed by LYNX Technik AG make this a powerful combination for our requirements. But what is really innovative about this piece of equipment comes next.



We are used to the single-function equipment. The true power of “greenMachine” is its working philosophy. It is a piece of equipment that does not do anything in isolation. We decide what use we want to give it according to our needs. It works with “Apps”. Yes, you read correctly.


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