Grupo Multimedios purchases Grass Valley’s LDX 82 Flex cameras

Grupo Multimedios plans to expand production to more channels and locations

Grupo Multimedios currently manages dozens of stations across Mexico and the Southwestern U.S., and the media company plans to expand production to more channels and locations next year. Solutions from Grass Valley, including LDX 82 Flex cameras with extended color gamut and HDR capabilities, and XCU Elite camera base stations, will help Multimedios create high-quality content for its existing and future channels.


“Our first priority is always creating top quality content for our viewers. Proper solutions and efficient support for those solutions are critical to that mission,” said Guillermo Franco, chief technical director, Grupo Multimedios. “Not only do we have experience with the quality of Grass Valley solutions, but their new local team has proven that they are here to be a true partner for us. The LDX 82 Flex cameras are a great addition to our production environments as we look to the future of Multimedios and Milenio TV.”


XCU Elite camera base station
XCU Elite camera base station


The LDX 82 Series includes Grass Valley’s GV e-License capabilities, including 1080p and a wide color gamut, leveraging the patented Xensium-FT CMOS imager which allows for better sensitivity, higher resolution and XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) operations with a full 15 F-stops. LDX 82 Series cameras are compatible with the XCU Elite base station which features a patent-pending cradle. The cradle can be pre-mounted and pre-wired in the rack, making a secure mechanical and electrical connection, permitting the XCU base station to slide in and out whenever needed.


“Grupo Multimedios has been seeking a provider with a strong local presence”

“While Grupo Multimedios has been a loyal long-time customer of Grass Valley and is very familiar with its industry-leading solutions, it has also been seeking a provider with a strong local presence for support as it continues to grow,” said Nahuel Villegas, vice president, Caribbean and Latin America, Grass Valley. “Our value proposition with a consultative approach and more local presence in our newly expanded regional team are key differentiators to support Grupo Multimedios in its ambitious growth plans going forward.”

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