HDR Evie+ is now available for LYNX Technik’s greenMachine platform

Diagram of HDR Evie workflow

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, has announced that HDR Evie+ is now available for its greenMachine® platform.

LYNX Technik’s HDR Suite of Processing Solutions (HDR Evie+, HDR Evie, HDR Static) for the greenMachine® platform addresses the challenge of broadcasting or archiving content in both SDR and HDR. According to the company, their common solution is to have two independent production routes for SDR and HDR, which is “costly and falls short of delivering full HDR content to the customer and ultimately the subscriber / viewer”. The greenMachine suite of HDR processing is ready to optimize HDR with up-converted SDR sources into a single HDR production process.

HDR STATIC, HDR Evie (Enhanced Video Image Engine) and HDR Evie+ processing applications run on the LYNX Technik greenMachine hardware platform. Facilities can, for example, use a single greenMachine titan hardware module to up-convert four independent 3G SDR sources (e.g. SDR-only cameras, graphics, replays, external feeds, archives, etc.) to HDR in a variety of formats, and feed directly into the HDR production workflow. This conversion “ensures” that HDR content is delivered direct from the optimized HDR cameras without compromise. Once the content is ready for delivery / broadcast / streaming to clients and subscribers/viewers, greenMachine can down-convert one of the HDR program output feeds to SDR.

HDR Evie+, the most recent addition to LYNX Technik’s HDR line-up for its greenMachine platform, makes use of dynamic segmented frame-by-frame algorithms that use sectional dynamic tone mapping that allows adjustment of each segment (144 segments/frame) of the 3G or 4K HDR content all in real-time. The segmented dynamic conversion by greenMachine HDR Evie+ is especially suited to demanding and unpredictable content, with fast moving subjects and high contrast conditions typically found in live sports and news broadcasts.

The entire range of LYNX Technik’s greenMachine HDR < > SDR processing solutions support a range of open standards for conversion, tone mapping, and color gamut, including HLG, PQ, SDR, and SLog3. Rec709, Rec 2020, and camera standards by Panasonic, Sony, Arri, ACES, DCI-P3, RED and BMD.

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