Hitachi Kokusai introduces new camera system accessories to make “more affordable” broadcast-class 1080p acquisition

Hitachi camera adapter CA-HF550

At the upcoming NAB Show New York, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America will make full-HD, 1080p60 video acquisition “more economical” with the unveiling of the new CU-HD550 camera control unit (CCU) and CA-HF550 camera adapter. The new accessories will make their worldwide debut in booth N438 at the event, taking place October 16-17 in New York City.

The CU-HD550 and CA-HF550 are compatible with all Hitachi 1080p and 1080i Z and SK-series HDTV cameras, but are particularly compelling for use with progressive-scan models. The new accessories combine with Hitachi Kokusai’s 1080p60-native studio and field production camera heads – including the Z-HD5500 and recently-introduced SK-HD180. The CU-HD550/CA-HF550 combination offers a lower-cost entry point to progressive production for customers who don’t require the advanced expansion options and extra I/O connections of the flagship CU-HD1300 CCU series, according to the company.

Compatible with both the new CU-HD550 and existing Hitachi CCU models, the CA-HF550 transmits video, audio, power and control over SMPTE 304M fiber between the camera and CCU. Two HD-SDI connections on the CA-HF550 provide video output at the camera end and can be switched between camera, prompter and return video. The CA-HF550 also provides ample AC power at the camera head to drive both a prompter and floor monitor through the fiber cable.

At the other end of the chain, the fiber-connected CU-HD550 combines multi-format SDI inputs and outputs with intercom, return video, teleprompter, tally and remote control interfaces in a heavy-duty 2RU form factor. An RJ-45 network port enables IP-based control, including integration with Ross Video’s open DashBoard control platform.

The CA-HF550 and CU-HD550 will be demonstrated at NAB Show New York in conjunction with Hitachi Kokusai’s SK-HD1800 studio and field production camera. The feature-packed, 1080p SK-HD1800 combines the global shutter CMOS imaging technology first implemented in the company’s popular Z-HD5500 camera with a motorized, remote filter wheel to deliver “impeccable” image quality for mobile and event-based productions even in venues with challenging LED lighting and displays.

“1080p60 is becoming the de facto standard format for HD production today, offering visual quality that is superior to its interlaced counterpart without the additional bandwidth and storage overhead of 4K Ultra HD,” said John J. Humphrey, Vice President of Business Development, Hitachi Kokusai. “Even broadcasters currently limited to distributing 1080i are turning to 1080p to future-proof their production workflows, with ATSC 3.0 broadcasts poised to join OTT, cable, Blu-ray and in-venue distribution as very viable 1080p delivery methods. With the new CU-HD550 and CA-HF550, we’re pleased to make the system cost of our broadcast-class, full HD cameras even more affordable for all types of users.”

The new camera adapter and CCU are slated for release in January.

 Photo: Hitachi CA-HF550

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