The HUB of Fox in Madrid

In Madrid we find the most important HUB of FOX in Europe. We have visited their facilities to talk to Antonio Tablero, Operations Manager.


Interview with Antonio Tablero, Operations Manager.




What is the origin of FOX’s center?

Since the launching of FOX in 2001, Broadcasting Operations have increased in scale and scope up to 270 feeds, which we now deliver in Europe and Africa.  In February 2015 we began to redefine our facilities in Madrid, to remain competitive and efficient.  Today, we have a Center of Media Operations in Ciudad de la Imagen, a storage and communications center at the Interxion data center and the company’s headquarters in Calle Orense.  The three centers are connected by a ring of 40Gbps. The Center of Media Operations in Ciudad de la Imagen is where workflow starts and ends:  material acquisition, quality control of masters, quality management and control of every language version and reworking, that are then delivered to the different linear playout centers and assets for on-demand video services. The most creative and strategic part of the company is located in Calle Orense: marketing, sales, programming, design and post-production.


What operations are being carried out from Spain?

In our operations center we manage about 50 linear distribution channels and about 120 feeds for Spain and other countries in Europe and Africa.  As to volume, it is the biggest HUB of the FOX Network Group in Europe.  Next to these facilities, in Overon Madrid, we have 22 linear play outs and we also manage 18 linear channels from the cloud, with solutions developed by Inetsat for Finland, Estonia, Norway, Romania, Holland and other countries. This volume of channels explains the large-scale facilities that we have and the stability of our professionals. Our team has hardly changed in the last eight years, except for new hires.  Similarly, we have significantly developed the preparation of files and packages for VOD services.  In just four years we have gone from having a few packages, to more than 22,000 VOD packages delivered over the last year, in order for our content to be accessible to consumers, choosing how and when, through own services of payment operators.


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