Human Circuit. Interview with Jim Hatcher, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Interview with Jim Hatcher, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Human Circuit has been offering its services for the last 50 years. What key steps have you followed to keep working so many decades in such a volatile market?

Human Circuit was formerly named Professional Products Inc. and our success was deeply rooted in the sales of broadcast video equipment. At that time, revenue from our professional services was second to our equipment sales. Over the years, manufactures opened their sales channels to online resellers and equipment became commoditized. As we saw the market change, we decided that a “box business” was no longer sustainable. We made the decision to rebrand our company as Human Circuit Inc. and to focus on professional services. As Human Circuit, the net revenue from our professional services has eclipsed the net revenue from our equipment sales. Our services include systems Engineering, Integration, Project Management and Support. In this market, we believe that engineering a solution and supporting the installation is more valuable to our clients than commoditized box transactions.


Human Circuit, Jim Hatcher


Do you now have more competitors than before? What makes you different from them?

The commoditization of video technology has removed some barriers to entry and we have more competitors than before.  Top 5 reasons we are different from our competition:

  1. We pay close attention to the interoperability of the technology that we sell and we study the disrupters. The traditional narrow definition of a broadcaster no longer applies and broadcast equipment manufacturers are scrambling to stay relevant. This scramble for relevance can be dangerous for our clients. All too often, the client becomes a manufacture’s beta site. In this market, we have become our client’s trusted adviser and advocate.
  2. When designing a system, we trust the scientific method and not the manufacturer. We verify new technology in our lab before deploying it in the field.
  3. We are not afraid to ask a lot of questions and we learn from our mistakes.
  4. We have extended our business into new markets. Human Circuit designs and builds enterprise digital video acquisition and distribution systems that can be applied to broadcasters, production facilities, teaching hospitals, network operation centers and corporate communications.
  5. In our system designs we embrace Information Technology and the idea of being a “good network citizen”.


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