Hungarian broadcasting expands its equipment with Lawo

ÁSZ Bt purchases several Lawo consoles

Hungarian broadcast services provider ÁSZ Bt recently purchased a used OB truck and needed a new audio console for its refurbishment. The company chose a 48-fader mc²56 Lawo console and two V__pro8 A/V “toolbox” units.


Budapest-based ÁSZ Bt is the second largest OB van operator in Hungary. The addition of the 18-camera OB5, which houses a Sound Room, Video Engineering Room, and Production Room – brings the company’s truck count to four, as it joins OB3 (supporting up to16 cameras), OB4 (with a maximum of eight cameras), and OB6 (with a maximum of six cameras).


The equipment purchase was made through independent system integrator Rexfilm, Hungarian company providing professional audio and video equipment, systems design, sales, integration and full technical support to the country television stations, cable operators, radio, production, and postproduction studios.


“In this profession it is important to develop constantly and to move with the times. That is why FerencÁcs is constantly looking to innovate”, has said Rexfilm Project Director, Gábor Csapó. Lawo was chosen because of the company’s redundancy concept, the functionality of the mc²56 and the attractive price.


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The new OB van also features 10 Sony Professional HDC-1700 fiber-optic camera systems, giving it state-of-the-art picture capture. “When the purchase of the cameras was complete, the question of the sound system was addressed. After long and thorough consideration, a 48-channel (16-16-16) mc256 with one DSP board supporting 96 audio channels and offering 5.1-channel mixing was chosen to handle the audio”, Csapó has said.


“ÁSZ Bt chose Lawo because – in this part of Europe, where we live and work, and even more so in the Western countries – major broadcasters that take this service very seriously mostly use Lawo consoles. It makes it easier for us to expand our services to the international market, because Lawo is widely accepted and the chances of finding a good professional, who knows the console, are higher, has explained FerencÁcs.


“Our focus when building and equipping the OB5 was to make it qualified to work on international events”, he has said. “The reliability of the sound and intercom systems is crucial – the Lawo mc256 with three DSP panels and three Stageboxes, and additional Lawo V__pro8 processors, combined with Riedel intercom solutions, is a system that gives us great flexibility for different setups. I believe that with this system, and with the support of Lawo, we will be able to meet expectations – and that is a very reassuring feeling. We want our customers to have the same sense of stability when they work with us”.


Lawo wasn´t the cheapest option

“From the alternatives we considered, the Lawo systems were not the cheapest options, but taking into consideration the many advantages and benefits offered, I chose Lawo. I believe the coming years will prove me right”, Csapó concludes. “We are proud that, despite the competition and the slightly higher expense, Ferenc chose Lawo and Rexfilm”.

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