IHSE will release Draco MultiView 4K60 in Q2 2020

Details of Draco Multiview 4K60 KVM Solution

IHSE, manufacturer of KVM solutions, is expanding its portfolio with a multiviewer for DisplayPort signals in resolutions up to 4K60. The Draco MultiView4K60 allows real-time display of up to four video signals on one or two monitors with picture-in-picture function. First deliveries of the solution will start in Q2 2020.

The Draco MultiView4K60 allows several computers to be operated from one single workstation. The device supports all typical visualization scenarios as they can be found in a control room setting. The individual input signals can be arranged in any order and displayed in different modes, for example FullScreen, SplitScreen or Picture-in-Picture. Via hotkey or API, it is possible to switch between the required layouts or source signals. In addition, switching between video sources can be done in real-time by moving the mouse to the required content. Alternatively, users can switch with keyboard commands or with external push buttons.

The embedded audio signals can be output to a loudspeaker (analog or digital) via a separate audio interface. Either the audio track of the currently active monitor or a combination of the various audio signals can be output.

The Multiviewer has redundant power supply and extensive SNMP options for status monitoring (video, PSU, temperature and switching status). It fits into the modular Draco vario design and can be mounted under a table to save space. The dimensions correspond exactly to those of a 6-slot Draco vario chassis.

Last but not least, the Draco MultiView4K60 is a standalone unit and fully compatible with Draco vario extenders and the Draco tera KVM matrix family.

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