Image Matters delivers high-quality video codecs with VYUsync

Image Matters delivers high-quality video codecs with VYUsync

VYUsync will be integrating their range of video codecs into the origami™ Ecosystem

Image Matters announces that Video IP core specialists VYUsync will be integrating their range of high-performance video codecs including H.265/HEVC, H.264 & MPEG-2 Decoders into the origami™ Ecosystem.


Jean-François Nivart, Image Matters CEO, explains: “VYUsync’s supreme video quality IP cores are a fantastic example of third party integration into the origami™ Ecosystem. Users benefit directly from years of experience gained by VYUsync through designing and delivering highly optimized video processing engines. Thanks to VYUsync, and Image Matters, OEM’s and SI’s access cutting edge HEVC, AVC and MPGEG2 codecs and can deliver their own customized high-speed video processing broadcast solutions.”


Sivakiran Nagisetty, CEO, VYUsync, adds: “We are excited to be partnering with Image Matters as member of the origami™ Ecosystem. Image Matters expertise in hardware module development perfectly complements our strength in FPGA-based RTL design. The high performance capability of the B20 module in a very compact form will allow us to deliver high-density decoder solutions. Being part of the ecosystem will allow our customers to quickly and reliably integrate end-to-end solutions.”


VYUsync delivers a wide range of H.265, H.264 and MPEG-2 IP cores. The IP cores are configurable adopting the black-box approach to FPGA integration. Combining low latency and high-quality, VYUsync solutions are suited to work in all aspects of the broadcast workflow, from camera back encoders, through editing and playback, all the way to the transmit headend.


After installing VYUsync IP cores on the origami™ B20 Xilinx Kintex FPGA module board, OEM’s and SI’s either use one of the off-the-shelf connectivity solutions, such as the origami™ B21 carrier board, or build their own interface unit to deliver customized solutions.


At this year’s IBC, Image Matters will be demonstrating VYUsync solutions on booth 5.B21 along with other members of the origami™ Ecosystem to showcase multiple demos with different IP-Core integrations and hardware products.

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