Imagine Products® updates ShotPut Pro® and introduces its new Imagine HQ™ iOS App

Imagine Products software in Apple products

The ecosystem of solutions of Imagine Products expands with the new Imagine HQ iOS App, which provides remote access and real-time status reports as long as both the computer and the user’s iPhone or iPad are connected to the internet. The iOS App can also link multiple workstations together and it’s available with any ShotPutPro license type.

Imagine Products has also wanted to update its ShotPut Pro Mac 2019.2 update, which enables reliable offloading of media. These are the new features of the software:

  • Real-time status updates via the Imagine HQ iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • Support for ARRI .ARI file offloads with Codex HDE integration, perfect for the soon-to-be-released ARRI Alexa Mini LF
  • A redesigned simple mode for quick and efficient offloading
  • Media Hash List (MHL) reporting
  • More PDF reporting options, including the ability to designate first frame versus percentage sampling
  • Thumbs for Codex .ARX RAW frames
  • A new RED dropped-frame flag
  • Support for Blackmagic RAW and Canon RAW formats
  • An updated RED SDK for the most current metadata retrieval

Michelle Maddox, marketing director at Imagine Products, talks about both systems and anticipates a cloud solution: “People are moving faster than ever, and workflows need to be more flexible and accessible. Our new iOS app transforms ShotPut Pro users’ day-to-day work experience, bringing them much greater mobility while giving them peace of mind with real-time data and notifications. Going forward, we anticipate that the integration of these two solutions with our forthcoming cloud solution will have the potential to change workflows forever.”

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