INSIGHT TV announces distribution deal with Swisscom

Swisscom TV viewers have now access to all of INSIGHT TV’s UHD content

INSIGHT TV has announced a distribution deal with the telecoms operator Swisscom. Swisscom has launched INSIGHT TV’s linear UHD channel on its UHD IPTV service Swisscom TV 2.0.


Swisscom TV introduced its UHD service in April last year. It delivers content to subscribers via its UHD TV box, which also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, a technology also supported by all of INSIGHT TV’s programs.


“The channel has a growing content offering and we’re happy to be working together. It’s this high-quality content that is essential in driving consumer take-up of UHD services,” says Peter Fregelius, Head of TV & Entertainment at Swisscom.


Rian Bester, CEO, INSIGHT TV adds: “Working closely with distribution partners like Swisscom INSIGHT TV is adding to its global reach. We’re already broadcasting on Sky in the UK, HD Plus in Germany and Vodafone in Spain and Portugal, and we’ll soon be announcing significant expansion of our SVOD service. UHD enables us to provide viewers around the world with the best picture quality in tandem with highly creative content based on global trending topics and social influencers. We are only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the content we can create.”

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