An interview with David Ross, CEO of Ross Video

Ross Video is a company that has grown at an average of 17% per year for 25 years. Traditionally focused on the States, Ross Video is moving in on other regions like the EMEA and APAC, where it is reaping resounding successes. In the last NAB, we had the pleasure of interviewing its CEO, David Ross


Why did Ross Video associate with NewTek and NDI protocol? It took everyone by surprise.

Yes, many were surprised that we did this. There were two reasons behind this move. The first was that we wanted to be in all the video standards possible. We are a company that does HD, 3G, 4K over 12G, 4K over Quad-link and also, IP with SMPTE 2110, etc. We are members of AIMS, and we were also at ASPEN with Evertz right from the beginning. Now we find that there is a new video standard gaining visibility and it’s called NDI, which again, is different to everything else. So, we thought it would be a good idea to learn more about this format and form part of it. The second reason was the launch of our integrated Graphite system, perfect for these environments. There is also a growing need within the NewTek and NDI ecosystem, which is that users need to work with graphics, from the simplest of forms to the most complex ones. So, we decided to incorporate NDI into our Xpression system in order to cover these graphic needs. And speaking of Graphite -which is another alternative to the NewTek equipment- by incorporating NDI, if a user prefers to work with Ross Video, they can switch from one system to another with no problem whatsoever; it just depends on their requirements. Many people cannot afford to work over IP without compressing with expensive routers and all that infrastructure that comes with it, but NDI works with a compression that permits working at a much more contained cost.


In your opinion, when will we witness the disappearance of SDI?

Perhaps in 25 years’ time. The reason I say this is the following: Devoncroft held a meeting in this last NAB, which I attended. They showed a great pie chart with who had adopted 4K resolution, who was in 3G, who was in HD, who was in SD and finally, who was still working in analogue format. This information had been collected from companies located all over the world, which means it includes countries from continents like Africa, Europe, America… With all this information on the table, a question was posed…


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