Interview with Philip Garvin, CEO at Mobile TV Group

Philip Garvin, CEO of Mobile TV Group

MTVG provides mobile unit services to the leading regional & national networks for thousands of televised events coast-to-coast, covering over 4,000 events per year.  The company specializes in sports events for RSNs (Regional Sports Networks) in most major U. S. markets.

Tell us about your current situation.

We started in 1994 and have been growing since then, becoming one of the leader OB companies in the USA. We have 28 advanced mobile units distributed in major cities throughout the USA, from coast to coast. Our success comes from attention to detail, quality of service and equipment at all 4,000 events each year.  The Regional Sports Networks, which are our specialty,  don’t extend throughout the country, but by regions, like Texas or Southern California. They are very prominent in the United States, because people like to watch their home teams. If you live in Dallas (Texas), you want to see all the games of the Texas Rangers (Baseball), Dallas Stars (Hockey), Dallas Mavericks (Basketball), as well as football. A regional network allows fans to see every single one of these games. There are a lot of games with the typical baseball team playing 160 games each year.

So you cover different types of sports, right?

Yes, we do hockey, basketball, baseball and football. That is what we do the most.

What are the common challenges in these projects?

The challenge is always to provide each project with more facilities while still keeping the price low. We have been very successful at that. We provide super Slow-Mo, pretty much as a standard. We started buying super Slow-Mo cameras from the beginning, when they came out, so we had an early and large investment in super Slow-Mo.

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