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Interview with Jon Finegold, Signiant’s CMO

Tell us about the current situation of the company. What makes you different from your competitors?

Signiant is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the media & entertainment industry. Our Media Shuttle person-to-person file transfer solution recently passed several major milestones in its global reach, now with more than 200,000 users in more than 200 countries. There are many things that make Signiant stand out but a few highlights include:

Media & Entertainment has long been our core market. We understand the unique characteristics of the industry and are able to offer a simple, yet powerful, product portfolio that supports nearly every file transfer use case.

Because of the huge amounts of data used in the industry, storage is always a complex challenge. Storage independence – allowing our customers to choose any storage including on-premises, cloud storage or both – is a pillar for all our products.

We take great pride in our proven leadership in SaaS and cloud innovation. Signiant was the first to market with a SaaS offering for accelerated file transfer, launching at a time when many media companies were just starting to learn about the unique benefits of cloud-native software. That early leadership was pivotal in allowing us to bring enterprise-class capabilities and market-leading file acceleration to companies of all sizes. As a result, our Media Shuttle product is now the de facto standard for person-initiated file transfer in the industry and used by more than 25,000 companies around the world.

You work for leading global companies such as BBC, The Guardian, Apple or XBOX. What specific needs do you perceive among your clients?

The evolving needs of our clients revolve around three key market trends: files continue to get bigger; workflows continue to get more complex; and security continues to be top of mind across the industry. Our solutions are focused on helping companies with these challenges, enabling them to bring more immersive and powerful content experiences to their global audiences across a variety of devices and formats – all while meeting tight deadlines, keeping costs under control and protecting their valuable digital assets.


Technological development leads to some important issues related to the obsolescence of formats. How do you approach this challenge?

Our file acceleration technology is file-type agnostic. As new file formats come into play, our platform can be used to move those files regardless of size. We offer a capability called CloudSpeX which dramatically lowers rejection rates associated with the receipt of improperly formatted files or incorrect file types, and helps to manage the volume and complexity of today’s multiplatform delivery specifications. Unlike other solutions that validate file format compliance after the file transfer, CloudSpeX ensures that your specifications are enforced prior to delivery, saving significant time and resources.

The arrival of new formats, such as 4K or 8K, means a big increase in the size of the files. How ready are the companies to handle this?

The growth in file sizes will continue to present challenges to the industry but that brings great opportunity for Signiant. The bigger the files, the more critical file acceleration solutions become and Signiant solutions are able to handle any file size and any file type.

Many companies are investing in network upgrades to help deal with the massive data. A network upgrade can be a great investment but only if the solutions in place are able to take full advantage. Signiant solutions, with our patented acceleration technology, can take full advantage of the available bandwidth in the network while also providing control of how and when network resources are allocated. Signiant plays friendly with other network traffic and we never charge for bandwidth.

So, companies that are using Signiant solutions will be well positioned to handle these new file sizes, but those still getting by with FTP or standard file sharing solutions will hit a brick wall with 4K and 8K files regardless of their network’s bandwidth.

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