intoPIX introduces a new range of 8K TICO-XS IP-cores

Tico XS 8K intoPIX

intoPIX, provider of compression solutions for audio-visual applications, has announced the release, with direct availability, of 8K TICO-XS encoder and decoder IP-Cores.

“8K seems out of reach and requires very high throughput bandwidth, unreasonably larger memory buffers, high-end cables or 100GbE network interfaces” says Justine Hecq, Product Owner of the TICO-XS IP-cores. “Our new cores enable manufacturers to manage and transport seamlessly 8K on COTS infrastructure.”

Supporting the JPEG XS ISO Standard, the cores can target mid-range FPGA families – from Intel & Xilinx – or ASIC with low gate count. Furthermore, the cores are visually lossless, as defined in the JPEG XS standard, and support the complete UHDTV2 specifications. More features include encoding/decoding performed in less than one millisecond in total, light line buffers handled in the internal RAMs, embedded 2-level downscaler in the decoder and manageable streams, as 8K compressed flow can be transported over limited data interfaces – down to 2.5Gb or 10Gb Ethernet for example.

The 8K cores are covering various needs and uses cases, supporting up to 8192×4320, 60fps or 120fps, 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and monochrome.

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