Italian broadcaster RSI builds a mixed Furio-CamBot studio with Ross Camera Motion Systems

RSI studio powered by Ross solutions

Radiotelevisione Svizzera di lingua Italiana (RSI), a public broadcaster based in Lugano that produces television and radio content for Switzerland’s Italian-speaking population, decided back in 2018 to increase the efficiency and quality of their productions by introducing studio automation and robotic camera systems. As part of the project, RSI created an innovative studio design featuring several moving desks, enabling the set to dynamically change between segments. From local to international news, weather segments to sports, the desks are constantly swapped in and out during broadcasts.

To create the desired dynamic look and feel, RSI got in touch with Miguel Declerck, Senior Business Development Manager for Ross Camera Motion Systems. “The moving desks posed some challenges in terms of the type of robots that could be used on the set floor. After thorough brainstorming with RSI, we proposed a hybrid solution consisting of two Furio SE’s on rails wrapped around the set to provide the spectacular wide-shots up to a camera view point of 2m20, and two free-roaming CamBot 600XY’s pedestals inside the set for the close-up shots. The result is one of the best mixed Furio-CamBot studios, both aesthetically and in terms of workflow efficiency”.   

According to, Paolo Di Casola, COO at RSI, there were a number of reasons for choosing Ross. “We have an innovative studio set-up with desks moving dynamically around the studio depending on the news item covered. Ross Video was very helpful in brainstorming ideas of how robotic cameras can interact with these desks and create the most dynamic look possible.” After two years of near-constant use RSI are still impressed with the final solution, as Mr. Di Casola comments. “Despite the obvious complexity at the start, we are delighted with the long-term reliability of the products and our on-going ability to add functionality through software updates. The support provided by Ross throughout this project has been instrumental to its success, and we are incredibly happy.”

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