ITV uses LiveU equipment at the 2019 Rugby World Cup for coverage and disaster recovery

Reporter informing with a view of Mt. Fuji with a LiveU backpack transmission device

UK’s ITV Sport has turned to LiveU to provide an enhanced viewer experience at the 2019 Rugby World Cup (RWC) and as a tertiary disaster recovery (DR) solution, backing up satellite and fibre feeds.

ITV Sport is using portable LU600 HEVC units around the country in three teams, each providing a range of additional material beyond match coverage. These teams, with embedded reporters, send their material direct to ITV Sport in the UK for both edits and live reports. Additionally, highlights presentation links are also sometimes fed via LiveU.

The LiveU DR setup is two-fold. ITV Sport has deployed an LU600 and LiveU Xtender active external antenna (the first time in Japan) for the tertiary backup direct to their playout provider Red Bee Media in the UK. Secondly, at ITV Sport’s Maidstone Central Apparatus Room, a receiving LU600 and another Xtender can be used to send a feed from there to their playout provider should be unable to use traditional links.

LiveU’s UK partner, Garland Partners, assisted ITV Sport by upgrading their units to full international specification and provided a pool of cellular data from local access Japanese operator SIM cards for the whole tournament. Garland also supplied an additional UK SIM card data pool for the UK Maidstone Xtender.

Paul Shepherd, Regional Sales Director, LiveU, said, “We’re very pleased to support ITV Sport across this Rugby World Cup. We are beginning to see an increased use of our technology for disaster recovery and it’s especially exciting to see that it’s being used for a high reliability requirement at such a major sports event.”

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