Kenya’s KISS FM adopts Lawo RELAY IP technology

Radio host deploying Relay IP by Lawo

The Radio Africa Group in Nairobi, which serves this scene with six radio outlets, a national newspaper, four TV stations and a digital television platform, recently chose Lawo RƎLAY Virtual Radio technology to modernize their flagship radio station, KISS FM.

RƎLAY is a mixing console that runs in a virtualized PC environment on a standard PC or laptop. The multitouch-enabled screen interface makes RƎLAY easy to use, and includes advanced features such as voice processing and mix-minus, all controlled with a multi-touch-enabled interface. Pairing RƎLAY software with a third-party playout system and other third-party broadcast software, an entire broadcast studio can be hosted on a single computer. All PC sources and outputs utilize AES67, the broadcast standard for AoIP transport; a Lawo A__line AoIP node translates microphones and other line-level sources to AES67, which are then available to the virtual mixer via Ethernet and a network switch.

RƎLAY’s built-in audio shaping tools also give operators individual adjustment of all microphone parameters — such as compression, expansion, customized voice EQ, and Lawo Automix and Autogain features.

“We are always looking for the right technology for our group, and here we found something very clever,” says Radio Africa Group’s Head of Innovation, Kamal Vekaria. “Using the Lawo RƎLAY concept, we created a workflow that will serve us far into the future and adapt to the changing expectations of radio listeners. With Lawo RƎLAY, KISS FM is one of the most advanced radio stations in Kenya,” says Vekaria. “We know that whatever the future of radio brings, we will be ready to meet it head-on.

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