Kromers and TJ Sports: banking and eSports communication with the broadcast label thanks to TSL Products

TSL Products broadcast control solutions are designed to create a unified overlay for any system infrastructure, whether SDI, NDI or ST-2110. This allows broadcast and pro AV customers to take control of production kits across a facility with a single interface, including presentation, cameras, multi-viewers, graphics and more.

With TSL’s simplified operator experience, dedicated support and training sessions pro AV customers can take ownership of configurations by learning how to configure and maintain systems. The solutions also allow for remote production and control within live streamed events and virtual productions. TSL’s broadcast controllers provide a solution for a variety of tier-one AV end users, such as Kromers, a technology consulting agency specialising in audio-visual systems, and TJ Sports, one of the largest eSports production centre from Asia.

Kromers was recently called on by an investment bank and global financial services company to deliver a control infrastructure that could provide flexibility for both in-house teams and external clients. The installer turned to TSL’s broadcast control system to provide its client with a common platform to universally control all its core production equipment including routers, multi-viewers, vision mixers, camera, or media servers.

TJ Sports required a centralized control system to carry telecast productions across multiple venues, regarding the growing number of teams, competitions and cities participating in eSports. SL’s TallyMan system hosts centralized scheduling and control of the overall signal in the entire studio complex, including five studios, five control rooms and the core server room. Simultaneously, the system carries out centralized tally management as well as some personalized items throughout the broadcast process, including scheduling signal pre-sets to streamline operator workflow.

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