New Zealand’s LIFE acquires a comprehensive selection of Clear-Com products

New auditorium of the LIFE Church

LIFE, a multi-site church in Auckland, New Zealand, with a sophisticated live audio-visual set-up, has chosen Clear-Com® equipment for its new LIFE Central Campus, with an 1800-seat auditorium. Riki Willis, Production Project Coorinator, explains the decision: “I tested the competitors’ latest generation wireless system against FreeSpeak II and felt that FreeSpeak II’s audio quality and noise floor were far superior. We also already owned some Clear-Com LQ® units and partyline equipment, so there was compatibility with existing kit, and there is also more knowledge of the Clear-Com product line in New Zealand, which is helpful when we are hiring or welcoming external teams to the facility.”

The Clear-Com installation includes an Eclipse® HX-Delta matrix frame with E-IPA cards, with FreeSpeak II® IP-enabled transceivers and beltpacks, V-Series Irisä intercom panels and LQ Series IP interfaces.

Regular live-link audio and video to the two other remote campuses is simplified by linking the remote campus’ 2-wire communications into the matrix via remote LQ-2W units. Willis also praises the longevity of FreeSpeak II beltpacks’ battery life, their solid build and wide roaming ability without losing signal, as well as full integration with the matrix and the flexibility of the ‘profile’ based system. The ability to change and save configurations for an event and then revert to the ‘standard’ setup afterwards is also helpful.

Clear-Com’s authorized partner, Gencom Technology, supplied and installed the system. “Their assistance in working through the design and follow-up support was really appreciated,” said Willis. “The confidence we have in the support available on the ground here with Gencom Technology was a significant factor in our decision.”

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