Linius to provide video personalization services to National Basketball League (NBL)

Stock image of a basket case

Linius Technologies Limited, a company that offers a cloud-based solution that transforms static video into personalized video experiences thanks to its “world-first” Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE), has signed a commercial agreement with the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) to launch personalised video services to Australian basketball audiences.

Linius CEO, Chris Richardson, commented: “We are increasingly seeing sports clubs and leagues globally acknowledge and appreciate the immense value that personalization can bring to their bottom line. Personalizing content for viewers and fans of sports simply creates a deeper engagement, with which new revenue opportunities become apparent for these businesses. There are over 1 million men, women, boys and girls that play basketball throughout Australia[i] and we’re looking forward to bringing personalized video experiences to them, and all basketball fans.”

“We want our fans to watch basketball in whichever way they choose – where they want and when they want. Our fans can now watch the entirety of the 126-game season live across a multitude of streaming platforms and channels, and offering personalized video solutions allows us to take that one step further. It’s an opportunity to create richer engagement with the sport and a more personalized basketball experience, for every single fan” added Larry Kestelman, NBL Owner and Executive Chairman.

The agreement includes a fixed monthly service fee plus additional per video fees for advertising insertion with total revenue under the agreement dependent on take up of the service. As part of this deal, “NBL are strongly financially incentivized to introduce Linius services to all basketball leagues around the world”, according to the press release.

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