LiveU shares its 2020 “State of Live” report

State of Live 2020 facts - LiveU

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted the way live news, sports, and a variety of other markets have gathered, managed, and disseminated live content, according to LiveU’s annual “State of Live” report, which is now out. It shows the trends over the past year based on data generated from the company’s global customer base.

2020 “State of Live” points out the significant increase in content sharing over IP, for US and international viewership: “The consolidation of newsgathering efforts and the reduction of on-site staff at live events have increased the reliance on IP-based content contribution and distribution across the globe – from network-to-station, station-to-station, and production crews to sports teams, leagues, and associations”.

 More key findings include:

  • 100 percent growth in the use of LiveU Matrix IP cloud-based management and distribution platform worldwide. The average number of sessions by users has doubled with global media organizations relying on Matrix to pool live content.
  • Major milestone this past summer with more than 1,000 customers taking more than 30,000 live feeds per month for distribution to local, national and global news broadcasts.
  • Increase in international content sharing with international broadcasters particularly interested in the US election.

“Our IP-based technology is inherently suited for remote productions. With the ongoing pandemic and subsequent health, logistical, and budget concerns, our cellular-based portable units have enabled live broadcasts to carry on from home and other locations. At the same time, the move to IP-based workflows has required producers to think differently about the way they create and share live content,” said Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO and co-founder.

 He added, “In the midst of the pandemic, our customers were able to rise above the challenges and deliver content that informed, engaged, and entertained viewers. As the market hopefully stabilizes with the availability of vaccines, we see the return of live sports and the use of live streaming, remote production, and IP contribution and distribution growing even more. We look forward to new opportunities and growth in 2021 with major events such as the US Presidential Inauguration and the Summer Games in Tokyo.”

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