LMT chooses Harmonic to enhance its 4G bandwidth performance for its live OTT service

Harmonic's EyeQ is the latest technology that LMT has implemented

Harmonic’s EyeQ content-aware encoding solution is the latest addition to LMT’s technology. The mobile telecommunications operator, one of the most important in Latvia, has chosen the American brand to offer a better video experience for its 4G OTT TV Service. According to the company, EyeQ has achieved to reduce a 40 percent reduction in bandwith “without having to performance a massive infrastructure upgrade”.

This encoding solution provides HD video quality on 4G-enabled TVs “even when networks are constrained” and it can be deployed within any ecosystem, “including appliances, virtual machines cloud and SaaS”.

Edgars Gončars, head of TV at LMT, said: “Live events, which can incur a significant peak in viewers especially for TV applications, put considerable stress on our mobile network. Harmonic’s EyeQ solution allows us to offer the best video experience to subscribers while reducing the amount of bandwidth we need and lowering our delivery costs, while increasing the quality of experience. With EyeQ, we have the ability to scale up during popular live events and deliver pristine video quality, which is a critical factor for our continued business growth”.

Interview to Paul Fr
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