French Football Club Lorient adopts ChyronHego Coach Paint

FC Lorient uses Coach Paint for both coaching and training operations

Football Club Lorient-Bretagne Sud (FC Lorient) has deployed ChyronHego’s Coach Paint telestration tool to enhance its coaching and training operations. FC Lorient competes in Ligue 1, the top level of French football. Its coaching staff uses Coach Paint for advanced postmatch and opposing team analysis, and the club’s training academy is applying the tool to teach advanced concepts, reinforce correct technique, and simulate game situations.


ChyronHego claims Coach Paint enables FC Lorient to engage, teach, prepare, and recruit players using the same powerful visualization techniques on display in major live sports broadcasts and highlight shows.


“We needed an advanced telestration solution that could engage our players and bring a powerful new dimension to our video analysis. After looking at various systems on the market, we realized that Coach Paint was the best choice,” has said Jérémie Colson, video analyst, FC Lorient. “With Coach Paint, we’re able to perform very high-quality video analysis that is more accurate and helps the players better understand the messages we’re trying to get across. At our academy, the tool is helping players not only improve their technique but their overall understanding of the game,” he continues.


Jérémie Colson adds: “Not only does the tool work on both Mac and Windows computers, but it offers superior features at a very competitive price point. Coach Paint has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our video work, and the software is so user-friendly that our coaches have had no trouble adopting it.”


Jonathan Roberts, managing director, ChyronHego UK, has explained: “In recent years, FC Lorient has earned its reputation for playing a spectacular brand of football. And now, with the video tracking and analysis capabilities of Coach Paint, the club will be able to take its coaching and training efforts to exciting new levels. We’re thrilled that FC Lorient has joined the roster of football clubs throughout Europe that have recognized Coach Paint as the world’s most comprehensive and powerful graphics solution for sports tracking and analysis.”


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