LYNX Technik AG unveils new yellobrik module

Yellobrick OBD 1410 by LYNX Technik

LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, has introduced a new yellobrik module to its series of fiber transmitters, receivers and transceivers.

The LYNX Technik yellobrik (model: OBD 1410) “reduces the cost” of transmitting and receiving uncompressed 12G SDI video signals in real-time and over fiber between equipment in a broadcast / AV facility or even over long distances – up to 10 km (6.2 miles). The OBD 1410 also “saves space” by reducing the number of fiber optical transceivers required for signal transmission.

The yellobrik OBD 1410 re-clocks any SDI signal up to 12G and the two fiber input channels are independent of each other, therefore allowing different standards, rates and formats to be carried on each channel – all over a single fiber link. All SDI formats are automatically detected during transmitting and receiving.

Sold as a pair (Type A and Type B), the OBD 1410 is a fiber transceiver ready for a WDM closed-loop application using 1270 mm and 1330 mm wavelengths. The OBD 1410 modules can be used as standalone devices, individually mounted, or used with the 19” yellobrik rack trays to build a more extensive 12G transport solution.

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