Matrox DSX LE4 SDI I/O cards will power new Ross Video softGear Broadcast Audio Processors

Ross Broadcast Audio Processor

Matrox® has announced that Ross has selected Matrox DSX LE4 family of SDI I/O cards for its softGear™ Broadcast Audio Processor solution. Leveraging Matrox DSX LE4’s multi-channel audio and video relay bypass protection support, the new audio processor is equipped to deliver four concurrent workflows—with up to 16 audio channels each—for demanding 24/7 broadcast requirements.

The Broadcast Audio Processor is a playout application based on softGear microservice architecture running on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. softGear’s architecture is designed to accommodate current and future audio needs by allowing additional processing blocks as required. Equipped with the Matrox DSX LE4 card’s advanced audio and failsafe features, the Broadcast Audio Processor offers a standalone solution with transmission path protection to integrate with any playout system. As a result, broadcasters can customize automation, master control, and graphics engine solutions.

Already integrated within the Ross XPression range of real-time motion graphics systems, the Matrox DSX LE4 line of SDI I/O cards features multiple reconfigurable inputs/outputs on a single card. These versatile developer cards capture and output video from SD to 4K, and support up to 16 channels of 16/20/24-bit embedded audio per SDI signal following the ST 272M A, B, and C (SD) and ST 299M (HD) standards.

“To integrate Matrox DSX LE4 cards with our new Broadcast Audio Processor was an easy choice for us,” said Wojtek Tryc, Product Manager for softGear at Ross Video. “The SDI I/O cards provide the necessary robustness, connectivity, and failsafe feature set to support the audio processing requirements our broadcast customers demand. Matrox has been our primary provider for over ten years for a reason.”

“Matrox is delighted to extend our partnership with Ross Video through their new softGear platform,” added Alberto Cieri, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matrox. “Matrox’s industry-renowned SDI I/O and SMPTE ST 2110 cards have allowed Ross to consistently deliver cutting-edge broadcast solutions, and we’re happy to see this continued collaboration through these next-generation audio processors.”

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