Matrox introduces HDCP support via Mura 3.04 driver

Videowall powered by Matrox solutions with HDCP Support

Matrox announces enhanced High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support to simplify the integration of copy-protected sources in video wall designs. Available via the Matrox Mura 3.04 driver, this new development enables OEMs and system integrators to pair Matrox Mura IPX capture cards and Matrox D-Series multi-display boards to seamlessly capture and display multiple 4K HDCP sources across multi-4K video walls.

HDCP is a security feature designed to protect digital entertainment content by transmitting HDCP-encrypted signals between authorized transmitters and receivers. Video wall designers now can combine multiple Mura IPX and D-Series cards with QuadHead2Go™ multi-monitor controllers to support a myriad of 4K HDCP sources across an ultra-large video wall of up to 64 Full HD screens.

“Video wall architects are seeing an increased demand for informative, entertaining, or eye-catching HDCP-encrypted content in their display wall designs, and Matrox’s latest HDCP development makes it easier for users to capture and display multiple 4K-protected sources,” said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, business development manager, Matrox. “With an integration-friendly, end-to-end platform, video wall customers have an additional customization tool to complement, enhance, or accentuate their display wall content.”

The Matrox Mura 3.04 driver is now available.

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