Matrox unveils new features for the Monarch EDGE 4K multi-HD encoder and decoder

Matrox Monarch Edge promo pic

Matrox® Video has announced the immediate availability of a new set of features for the Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD encoder and decoder pair, introducing enhanced remote production (REMI) workflows. Available via the latest Matrox Monarch EDGE driver, Monarch EDGE can now encode eight channels of audio per stream from a selection of 16 embedded audio sources per SDI input, allowing users to produce content in multiple languages simultaneously. Also included in the release is the ability to record to a USB drive or network attached storage, allowing video professionals to capture multi-camera ISO recordings for archiving, redundant back-ups in case of network interruption, or a master-quality version of live streams for post-event editing or video on demand (VOD) uploads.

Monarch EDGE technology delivers up to four synchronized HD-/3G-SDI camera feeds or a single 12G-SDI signal—in both native progressive and interlaced video formats—with glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms. For events with higher-density camera requirements, the Monarch EDGE’s compact design ensures that two units fit into a single 1RU rack space. The Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder pair features tally and talkback I/O, as well as support for standard MPEG-2, RTSP, and SRT streaming protocols.

“Matrox is expanding the already versatile capabilities of our Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD encoder and decoder pair, helping our customers reach new heights in their workflows,” said Daniel Maloney, technical marketing manager at Matrox Video. “With the latest updates, there are a number of remote production, contribution, and webcasting workflows that will be newly supported. Whether it is capturing video at the user’s quality of choice while streaming, or producing multi-language projects, the possibilities have greatly expanded with this new release.”

The new Matrox Monarch EDGE driver is now available for download from the Matrox Video website.

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