CP and Mobile Viewpoint provides 4K coverage for the NYC Half-Marathon

CP Communications and Mobile Viewpoint just recently entered into an OEM partnership to provide Mobile Viewpoint bonded cellular and IP streaming solution in the Unites States. This past week the technology was put to test. CP deployed a 4k Agile Ultralink on their Smart Car as the lead vehicle. A Sony F55, provided by Inertia Unlimited, was used on the Smart Car as the lead vehicle. A 12G signal was sent to the 4k Agile Ultralink mounted in the car. That signal was received at CP Communications HD-21 mobile unit via a Mobile Viewpoint 4k1 playout server. The 4k video format was then down converted to a 720p signal for WABC Channel 7’s broadcast of the race.


“The 4k signal was encoded at 15mbps and looked great with great coverage”, says Kurt Heitmann, CEO of CP. “The Mobile Viewpoint is very robust and very flexible when it comes to encoding settings, prioritization of sources and QOS. Our engineers were able to manipulate and change settings on the fly as the cell phone coverage on the course changed. We also had the luxury of playing with the bit rate for the two set up days and the system looked good at rates from 8mbps to the 15mbps we ended up using.”


CP also deployed 4 additional Mobile Viewpoint systems on two motorcycles and two wheelchair follow scooters. A total of 5 systems were deployed and playout of HD-21 to the WABC broadcast truck.


“All the systems worked flawlessly with excellent coverage across the entire course. We actually use a hybrid model of coverage for these types of races,” says Kurt. “Our hybrid is a combination of traditional COFDM coverage and the new IP bonded cell technology. In the end we did not need the COFDM at all as the bonded looked and performed so well.”


Mobile Viewpoint Managing Director Michel Bais: “We are proud that CP Communications deployed our 4K IP contribution technology during this prestigious event with excellent results. It validates the quality and our capabilities to deliver the latest 4K technologies in our product portfolio and we excited to work with CP Communications in expanding the business further in the US market.”


In addition to 4k video acquisition CP also deployed a first ever IP communication network using Clearcom LQ and Dante audio for communications to the Smart Car and Unity cellular comms interface for the motorcycles. Another first was the use of a Virtual Press Room and a CP Engineering monitor wall. The Virtual Press Room, developed by Red House Streaming, was used to stream WABC program video and audio plus the individual on course vehicles to the press and clients using a log in and password for any device. The CP Engineering monitor wall allows all of the technician and engineers to monitor all sources whether on the rooftops of buildings or on course in vehicles.

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