NEP Finland chooses EVS for MTV Finland’s Love Island Suomi

Love Island Suomi control room with EVS technology

Broadcast solutions provider NEP Finland has selected an end-to-end EVS live production workflow for Love Island Suomi, the Finnish version of ITV Studios’ reality series. The eight-week long production for Bonnier’s MTV Finland takes place in a Spanish villa, offering contestants the holiday of a lifetime with the added possibility of meeting their soul mate. With 50 cameras capturing the action 24 hours a day, proven reliability is key as the kit will be running continuously to ensure producers can best showcase the developing storylines and keep fans engaged across TV, social media and through the show’s dedicated app.

The EVS workflow used by NEP Finland covers everything from ingest, logging, media management and vision mixing through to post-production integration. At the center of this deployment is a Dyvi software-defined switcher comprising two processing modules which provide 64 inputs and two panels configured as a single production.

NEP Finland selected Dyvi because, according to the press release, “it delivers the flexibility and scalability required for the show’s line producers to create four transmission feeds simultaneously”. By using Dyvi and its integrated multiviewers, they can monitor all 50 live camera feeds from each panel. The four transmission feeds are recorded on an XT live production server and logged using the content management tool IPDirector to enable instant access to content. Producers also use IPDirector to create clips and structure the show airing the next day. Combined with EVS’ IPLink plug-in for the Adobe® Premiere Pro editors and IPDirector’s IPBrowse application for the social media team, the crew is able to work together and speed up processes.

Dyvi’s built-in multiviewer provides all sources on a video wall for the line producers and ingest operators. The switcher’s fully configurable panels enable operators to make bespoke modifications and customize the solution based on their specific requirements, providing them with just the tools they need for the job at hand. Dyvi’s scalability also means more inputs and panels can be added if required.

Marko Viitanen, Managing Director and Head of Production at NEP Finland, said: “EVS offered a fast and reliable end-to-end solution that provides instant access to a significant amount of camera feeds and an intuitive toolset that matches Love Island’s production requirements.”

The EVS workflow also provides value outside of the core production. The on-site social media team uses IPDirector to browse all the content produced by the editors. They can access the content in Premiere, add subtitles or graphics, then export the clips and publish them directly to either Instagram, Facebook or the dedicated Love Island app.

“EVS technology is ideally suited to reality TV productions such as this, where something newsworthy can happen at any moment, and on any part of the set,” said John Carter, VP Product at EVS. “The XT server’s trademark loop recording guarantees uninterrupted multi-channel recording, so nothing is missed and material can be accessed at any time. And with Dyvi, crews can monitor high camera counts on an intuitive tool that requires minimal training, is easy to use, fully customizable and delivers unparalleled levels of flexibility.”

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