New IDX ‘DUO Compact’ offer more power, less weight



The new ENDURA™ DUO Compact batteries are a pair of new batteries from IDX which offer significant savings in size and weight. Making their debut at the BVE exhibition in London, UK, the two new batteries are truly more compact.


More energy density is the holy grail of battery manufacturers. The DUO-C95 packs 93Wh capacity into a slim form factor weighing just 1.3 lbs. For those needing even longer run times, the DUO-C190 weighs just 2.3 lbs. with a capacity of 185Wh and supports a continuous load of 11A/120W, ideal for high power demanding LED lights and digital cinema camera setups.


In common with the other IDX DUO batteries, these batteries are feature rich with 2x D-Tap and a USB power output to power ancillaries that are common on today’s camera systems. Always innovators, IDX have given one of the D-Taps a D.C. in pin. This ‘D-Tap Advanced’ socket will permit the battery to be charged from a low cost and lightweight travel charger that IDX will introduce at NAB 2016.


Quality is assured through the partnership with Panasonic Sanyo who work closely with IDX in the design of the battery protection circuitry and supply the Lithium Ion cells best suited for demanding broadcast, video, and digital cinema applications. Continuing the trend seen in the CUE battery range the DUO Compact batteries are designed to meet stringent PSE safety regulations. Currently Japanese specific but likely to be adopted worldwide, the regulations demand that individual Lithium Ion cells are isolated from each other within the battery in a honeycomb like structure.