The New Sennheiser 6000. No Compromises

At the end of February, Sennheiser organised an event in Hannover and invited specialised media, technicians and engineers to present their new 6000 series. The event was a great opportunity for us to visit the central offices and the professional components factory, where we saw their painstaking processes and strict quality controls. As expected, TM Broadcast was one of the few media companies invited to attend such an interesting event

Andreas Sennheiser, CEO of the company and grandson of the founder Fritz Sennheiser, and the president of the manufacturer in the USA, Greg Beebe made sure the presentation was at its best. The new 6000 series has been designed from a user standpoint. The products in this range are very similar to the 9000 series, which is the top of the range in quality, but with more affordable price margins and added flexibility in use and installation. Both ranges are fully compatible between them, in such a way that we can create hybrid systems that share a great variety of devices, with several different transmitters and receivers. In fact, one of the advantages of the new 6000 series is that it can be used with standard UHF antennas. It is a solution for all the possible scenarios that can be used for live broadcast, concerts, conferences, etc. It is extremely rugged in terms of preventing intermodulation problems to ensure users do not find problems in the audio associated to the RF. And it is easy to integrate.


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Andreas Sennheiser


As the people at Sennheiser said, the main difference is that the 9000 series works with HD audio, and therefore, with the best possible resolution, whereas the 6000 series codes and compresses the audio. We did not have the opportunity to listen to a test comparing both models, but we did attend a private concert where the Digital 6000 system was used, and we can certainly say that the quality of the sound was simply outstanding.


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