NovelSat announces DRM integration in its point-to-point satellite broadcast link operations

Scheme that shows the usual workflow of SNG contribution of NovelSat

Based on AES 256-bit encryption, NovelSat’s newest solution streamlines DRM operations for broadcast contribution links. According to the company, this allows “fast and easy provisioning of point-to-point satellite links”, which is required for contribution applications, such as flyaways, SNGs and more. In addition, now only a single key insertion at the modulator is necessary for all transmitted media streams.

NovelSat’s DRM solution, which “delivers the highest level of data security available for satellite broadcasting and transmission for both network-level and link-level connections”, is available as an option in the NovelSat product line and includes per-service Entitlement (PID), Program Scheduling and Booking as well as Network Management.

“Our powerful DRM solution addresses operation ease and cost for every satellite broadcast scenario, making content protection easier than ever to implement” said Aviv Ronai, VP Marketing & Products at NovelSat.

NovelSat is showcasing the DRM and other satellite broadcast solutions at the NAB show (April 6‑11).

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