NovelSat receives the BIRD Foundation Grant for cooperation with igolgi

Logos of NovelSat, igolgi and BIRD foundation

The satellite-based video and content transmission company NovelSat has received a grant from the BIRD Foundation for its cooperation with igolgi, experts in video delivery compression.

Both companies will join forces to develop a project in the field of satellite video distribution. Their objective will be to improve the transfer of AV content between content providers and distributors, as well as to 5G networks via satellite. More specifically, they will work together to develop an end-to-end integrated video encoding and modulation solution. They focus on increasing the number of video channels that can be transmitted at a given bandwidth maintaining the same video quality.

In addition, NovelSat and igolgi will delve into the distribution of content and video channels directly to 4G and 5G networks base stations, while reducing the load on the terrestrial transmission network.

“Our partnership with igolgi, with the support of the BIRD Foundation, will enable us to expand our activities and continue to lead the way in the field of satellite content connectivity,” said Gary Drutin, CEO of NovelSat. “Our flexible business model gives us the ability to cooperate with strategic partners to increase our competitive edge.”

“Partnering with NovelSat to significantly improve the efficiency of media transmission over satellite is timely, given the market demand for higher resolution video and much greater volume of video traffic,” added Dr. Kumar Ramaswamy, President of igolgi. “With the BIRD Foundation support, we can now accelerate our cooperative efforts to bring useful products to the satellite video delivery market.”

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