NUGEN Audio Joins U.K. Broadcasters’ Digital Production Partnership (DPP) Compliance Program




NUGEN Audio today announced its participation in the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), an initiative founded by U.K. public service broadcasters to help speed the transition to fully digital production and distribution for television. NUGEN Audio joins other broadcast equipment manufacturers who are working with the DPP and the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) on a new compliance and certification program, AS-11 DPP.

Through its Technical Standards group, the DPP is leading an effort to standardize technical and metadata requirements within the U.K. broadcast industry to ensure digital video content can be easily and cost-effectively distributed to audiences via multiple platforms. A subset of the Technical Standards group, the AS-11 DPP program was launched to help further interoperability and create governance around AS-11 DPP compliance in products.

As a member of the AS-11 DPP compliance and certification program, NUGEN Audio is helping to develop quality assurance criteria for the AS-11 DPP specification. Specific goals of the program are to reduce interoperability issues when creating and using AS-11 DPP files, provide industry assurance through a consistent expectation of quality and reliability with AS-11 DPP products, determine a compliance test that products would need to meet in order to be considered “DPP compliant,” and improve file-based testing knowledge and communications between U.K. broadcasters and manufacturers.

“Our participation in the DPP Compliance Program is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to supporting our customers in the ever-evolving landscape of loudness compliance,” said Jon Schorah, creative director, NUGEN Audio. “As file delivery day approaches in the U.K., NUGEN Audio users can be assured that we will be supporting the AS-11 DPP specification from the outset, with products such as LMB, our Loudness Management Batch processor.”

More information on the AS-11 DPP Compliance Program is available at Additional information about the entire NUGEN Audio product family can be found at

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