ORF trusts Qvest Media for its new studio control system

ORF, Austrian public broadcaster, has relied on Qvest Media to equip their station with a new studio automation system. The German-based company will plan, delivery and implement new hardware and software components to enhance work processes for the control of five studios at their ORF center in Viena. They will also train the ORF personnel for the monitoring and update of the systems.

One of the goals of Qvest Media (apart from the technical integration into their studio and the connection to the Redsys editing system from APA-IT) is to make the system more intuitive in every process to enhance the workflows of the station. In order to do so, Qvest has relied on their subsidiary HMS media solutions to adapt its platform-neutral HMS DiSA Brick Controler as a layer located between their editing system and the automation system from Virzt (Mosart and Opus). This will help editors to focus in writing and broadcasting “without them having to have any detailed specialist knowledge”, as the company said in its press release.

Wolfgang Gärtner, Senior Project Engineer at ORF, sums up the agreement: “The new studio automation system will enable our editing teams to adapt the process of a live broadcast in a straightforward way and insert breaking news items, for example, into an ongoing news bulletin with virtually no need for forward planning. One of the core goals is for the integration by Qvest Media to accelerate and complement our editorial workflow so that ORF will in future be able to step up the flexibility and quality of its studio productions”.