Palestine Today TV looks to Grass Valley for a complete newsroom upgrade

The upgrade includes GV STRATUS Video Production & Content Management

To enhance the delivery of its news production and up its game in digital media workflows, Palestine Today TV (PTTV), working with systems integrator Pharaon Broadcast, looked to Grass Valley for a complete newsroom upgrade.


The upgrade includes GV STRATUS Video Production & Content Management with nine LDX 82 Flex cameras, three RS-LDX Première Integrated Robotic Camera systems. Furthermore PTTV selected two GV Korona K-Frame V-series production switchers, a Kaleido-Modular-X Multiviewer and a 3 RU Densité 3 Frame to serve as the monitoring and master control system for ingest, live and file-based content across the facility. PTTV also opted for an NVISION 8140 Hybrid Series router, along with all related software and hardware for complete integration.


Fadi Boustany, general manager at Pharaon Broadcast explains: “Working together with Grass Valley we were able to offer PTTV an end-to-end newsroom solution to leverage PTTV’s news production.”


PTTV selected GV STRATUS Newsroom Bundles to bring the power of GV STRATUS to its news operations, delivering the full resources of the newsroom to the field. GV STRATUS gives the company the opportunity to engage viewers faster than before, with compelling reporting and fully edited ready-to-air packages.


Seifiddin El Dine Maweid, managing director of PTTV states: “As we are one of the main providers of news and documentaries in Palestine, where events are happening in real-time, it is pertinent to keep ahead of the competition. GV STRATUS aligned perfectly with the technical requirements, offering the production capabilities to scale for future upgrades.”


Jan Pieter van Welsem, vice president sales and marketing, EMEA, Grass Valley, comments: “We are delighted that PTTV choose Grass Valley as its preferred choice among all other competitors to invest for the future. Grass Valley understands that as the news environment changes, broadcast equipment must change as well to adapt to mobile studios, new media platforms including digital and social, and the growing use of user-generated content.”

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