Panasonic AG-UX90. Everything the same, everything better, everything new

We are living in times of constant change, where the renovation rate is increasingly fast-paced, and when we seem to be reaching the limit, another innovation comes up and puts us straight back on the wheel. With us being authentic advocates of permanent improvement and innovation, it is soothing to discover that well-grounded and well-executed concepts remain stable inside the vortex, endorsing the benefits of what is well-thought-out from the beginning


Author: Luis Pavia

For a couple of years now, the audio-visual market has had an extensive array of options that have not ceased to grow, let alone surprise us, namely: larger sensors, incredible sensitivities, fantastic collections of lenses… Sometimes, consolidated tools, with which lots of professionals all over the world overcome their daily business, remain firmly in their position without needing to attract so much attention. This is so because, in all reality, they continue being the tools used to produce most of the content consumed every day in the majority of the media.




We believe this happens with what we are about to discuss in our laboratory today. At the hand of Panasonic, we now have the little sister of its new 4K compact UX professional production range, presented during the last NAB. It is the AG-UX90. While it conserves the concept of handheld, compact and lightweight camcorder with a fixed lens and all the elements traditionally demanded by professionals, it does meet all the technology requirements and current needs; and with a very attractive price.
It is an all-new model, totally renovated with very interesting features where “everything is new” technologically speaking, “everything is better” as regards the product and yet, “everything is the same” concerning concept. You obtain maximum performance from day one with utmost ease and comfort. Any camera operator could pick it up and virtually without even looking at it, begin to operate it from the start with no complication whatsoever.



Some of its highlights are:

• 8.8 x 15 f2.8-4.5 Leica Optical Zoom, equivalent to a 24.5-315 in universal standards with a 5-axis optical stabiliser and three independent control rings.

• 1.0-Type MOS sensor (we shall soon see what this means) that permits recording in Ultra HD at 25p, in Full HD at 50p/25p and even in SD with different types of codecs and files.

• Double SD memory card slots for relay or simultaneous recordings.

• Touch screen.

• Remote control from an Apple iPad using the free AG ROP app and an optional USB wireless receiver.

• Among other connections, it has XLR audio inputs, a HDMI output and two USB 3.0 connections.


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