Panasonic launches the UC3300GJ/UC3300GSJ, its latest 4K studio camera

Panasonic 4K Studio Camera AK-UC3300GJ and UC3300GSJ

Panasonic Corporation has announced the release of the AK-UC3300GJ/UC3300GSJ 4K Studio Camera, a solution that supports a range of applications ranging from studio production to coverage of live events, and the AK-HRP1015GJ Remote Operation Panel (ROP), which can be used to operate the camera, in November 2020.

The AK-UC3300GJ/UC3300GSJ 4K Studio Camera is equipped with an 11.14 megapixel image sensor and uses oversampling to achieve a horizontal and vertical resolution of 2.000 TV lines. With high sensitivity of F10/59.94Hz and F11/50Hz (2,000 lx), it enables high-quality video shooting with low noise while maintaining S/N ratio of 62 dB or higher, also in dim light.

4K/HD multi-format support ranging from 2160/59.94p and 50p 4K to full HD videos enables operation that fits various production applications. 2x high-speed shooting can be selected in HD high-speed shooting mode to enable slow motion shots at live sports and other events. The camera supports interfaces ranging from uncompressed 12G-SDI output, to TICO over SDI (4K over 3G-SDI) output, lightweight compression technology that enables the transmission of 4K signals over conventional 3G-SDI cables, and the IP transmission standard SMPTE ST2110. This enables selection as appropriate for each use case while maintaining compatibility with existing equipment.

The AK-HRP1015GJ Remote Operation Panel (ROP) can be connected with a single cable and supports IP connection and PoE power supply.

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