Pixel Artworks expands the International Swimming League experience

International Swimming League visual display powered by Pixel Artworks

Pixel Artworks is behind the creation of the dynamic set and show experience for the recent first world tour of The International Swimming League (ISL), a new start up swimming competition.

Swimming is a hugely popular sport during global events including the Olympics and World Championships, and The International Swimming League aims to re-envisioning the sport, bringing it to a new social audience to increase engagement and promote public health. The ‘matches’ feature fast-paced, electrifying short-course swimming sessions with the world’s most elite swimmers competing, including Olympic and World Champions from over 10 different countries.

The ISL approached Pixel Artworks in October 2018 to create an audio visual sporting experience to fit with the leagues vision of reinventing swimming and spectating for a new generation. 

Pixel Artworks created the huge modular set with a 67sqm of 2.6mm pixel pitch LED that “radically changes the shape and angles of each of the venues”, according to the press release. In addition, the company produced a graphical video that acts as the narrative for each ISL ‘match’. The accompanying sound design was digitally composed to build a soundscape that “heightens the senses and intensified the audience and viewer experience”.

As The ISL reaches an exciting climax, the final in Las Vegas is billed to be an even bigger achievement for the Pixel Artworks team. “To celebrate the success of this extraordinary new competition, we have proposed an even more extravagant set, featuring extended LED and a more visual experience, all designed to engage and excite spectators around the world,” said Kelly Eagle, Business Director at Pixel Artworks.

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