Planeta TV adopts 4K UHD with PlayBox Neo

Formats of Planeta TV, UHD powered by Playbox Neo

Planeta TV, one of PlayBox Neo’s longest established customers, is upgrading to 4K UHD @50p at its studio headquarters in Sofia. Neo-20 channel-in-a-box production, scheduling and playout will be used across all three of the broadcaster’s channels which transmit round the clock to viewers in Bulgaria and around the globe.

“With 4K displays now in widespread consumer ownership, we are confident that a high proportion of our viewing audience will appreciate the very high image quality which UHD has to offer,” says Radostin Petrov, Planeta TV’s Technical Director. “We have upgraded all our SD channels to HD and invested in an additional AirBox Neo-20 for our new UHD channel. PlayBox Neo playout systems have performed excellently over the years and are very popular with our staff.

The AirBox Neo-20 GUI allows scheduling, graphics preparation, video editing and text manipulation to be performed “creatively and quickly”. Channel branding and character generation are handled using TitleBox Neo-20. Its template-based structure also ensures “adherence to a consistent branding theme”.

Ingested programs, commercials, interstitials and images are managed using DataBox Neo which provides access to a large library of indexed records. Planeta TV has also invested in PlayBox Neo’s ListBox Neo-20 option, which allows the television to create and edit schedules days or weeks before transmission.

“Planeta TV has proved a very loyal customer over the years and is a showpiece example of efficiently managed server-based multichannel broadcasting,” adds PlayBox Neo CEO Pavlin Rahnev. “UHD presents great opportunities for television broadcasters to deliver high-impact content to their viewers, not least in the area of musical entertainment where Planeta TV already enjoys a reputation for excellence.”

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