Prague’s Univerzita Karlova, the 15th oldest university in the world, adopts IP video with NDI and Newtek

Switcher of the Newtek's VMC1 production system

RTL, the Univerzita Karlova TV studio, has decided to renew its equipment with NDI’s IP technology. The educational center of Prague, founded in the year 1348 by decree of Charles IV, King of Bohemia and future Holy Roman Emperor, is the 15th oldest university in the world.

Jan Peml, head of the Radio Television Lab in the Communications Sciences and Journalism department of Faculty of Social Sciences, discovered NewTek’s solution at IBC 2017: “We could see integrating NDI through our Wi-Fi network; using it as a universal route for AV sharing in-studio—connecting all possible screens and sources; and using tunneled UDP streams to simulate an external OB van input. We could also use NDI Monitor for full-screen output from Adobe Premiere.”

The RTL staff evaluated several systems but finally chose the NewTek VMC1: “We can capture a signal from VMC1 in different places around the studio, in the classroom. We can ask students to edit using the same sources their colleagues are using in the editing room”. Jan’s students also can create virtual studios, include graphics or connect the NDI system with computers: “Now I can just put NDI on any computer I want, instead of a separate computer and a scan converter, bring in the Skype call and send it wherever I want.”

In addition, Jan and his team have found different ways to integrate the system for use in the classroom: “Now we use the instructor’s computer as a source, and 15 workstations connected using NDI at the students’ desks viewing the source at their desktops. The opportunity to have, in front of each student, the same screen that the teacher is working on is great for us.”

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